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Yahoo! BOSS will stick around after Bing Merger!

Hello there,

Yahoo!’s BOSS API will soon include new features from Bing’s own Webmaster tools. The good news to Link Diagnosis users is that the tool will not go away after the merge. If you have a time machine, we encourage you to set the dials back to July 7, 2010 at around 700 GMT to take a peek at when our service “blew up”. That it happened in the middle of our beauty sleep was a most unwelcome surprise. But as it turns out, that was but a premonition of the upcoming bigger one slated to happen sometime in the near future (we’re already adjusting our hibernation cycles and started assigning sentries just for kicks- send us marshmallows for the poor soul who’s by the campfire in those ungodly hours).

As we have previously alluded to in the past, we use Yahoo! BOSS as our main service provider to query for backlinks. But roughly about a year ago, Yahoo! Search decided it likes Bing and the two pledged their undying love for each other. The consummation of that marriage is the birth of a new service. The service could at some point included a monetized version of their currently free and open APIs. We can’t say this has taken us by surprise- we were kinda waiting for the official word, but at the same time kinda hoping it would never come.

Fortunately, we have an excellent backup system in the works, which you will love, and it will likely eventually take over our current service – most importantly we will keep it FREE.

What this means for our users is at the very least, we will be publishing a new FireFox extension. The jury is still out on this one but like you, we would like to keep our doors open forever.

To read more about the upcoming shake-up from the our gracious data providers, follow this link:

As always, thank you for choosing LinkDiagnosis and thank you for continued support!