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Link Diagnosis Reloaded

Since our initial re-release last year, we've kept on improving lots of tiny bits and pieces here and there. Today is the culmination of this round of updating. There's no particular significance for the delay in the launch, other than the fact that we waited and played around with it too long and it's about time that it made its public debut.

So to our dedicated users, thank you for bearing with us. We promise we haven't been vacationing on a beach somewhere. This is only the beginning of roll outs, a partner site to Link Diagnosis is about to come out to, the one which our home page hints at.

As before, here are the top 10 notable features you'll find in our re-release:

10) Remove Unpopular Options Let's face it, we don't always know what you want. So when we came out with the options to disable Anchor Text Detection and Outbound Link Checker, we were fairly confident it was going to be a good thing. But of course you said otherwise and as much as we hate to admit it, it did cause some problems.

9 ) A Brand New Template Everyone likes makeovers, and so do we! Our new template is much easier on the eyes compared to our previous bubble gum pop injected template. This template is a mix between the classic and version 2 and fits in nicely with our network of brands.

8 ) Speaking of brands… Did you notice our footer? It's possible that you may have even been contacted by one of our brands at one point in time. Well that's all thanks to the mothership who pays for our upkeep. But the cool thing is though we work for them (and build them tools of destruction which blows everything else out of the water), they still let us do our own thing and take some of those tools we built for them and let you play with it! Neat!

7 ) Result Sets Upped to 1000! Yeah, you read that right! We have upped the all around limit from 100 to 1000. That means up to 1000(or 1001) indexed pages will be retrieved… multiply that by up to 1000 backlinks for each of those pages… and yes, the theoretical maximum data set now possible is 1,000,000 up from a measly 10,000. That's an incredible 10,000% increase! Expect report generation to increase by as much too!

6 ) Return of the Full Reports In yet another case of thinking we knew what you wanted, we thought you didn't want to be inundated with pages upon pages of links from a single site just because a link back to your site is a permanent fixture on that site's template. Clearly we were wrong, right away we had people letting us know something was wrong. We just wanted to show the relevant links to serve up an intelligent report. So by popular demand, you now have the option to show a complete (now up to 1000!) listing of all your site's backlinks. Keep in mind though, that hundreds or thousands of these backlinks might come from the same URL – so we still recommend using the Optimized report option.

5 ) Cleaning Up and Clearing Out those Pesky Little Bugs If we had a penny for all those little bugs we uncovered/reported to us… it would probably cause our office building(what's this, we're not in a garage somewhere? blasphemy!) to collapse! There are too many to mention but among the notables:
- we had erroneously dropped support for PR 10. Although if you had a PR 10 site linking back to you you probably won't be using our tool, or worse, your site is on a .gov watch list.
- sometimes, the incorrect anchor text was getting pulled especially when multiple backlinks to your site exist on the page.
- improved and lighter flash usage.

4 ) Back to Basics We (now) understand not everyone likes flash. We don't know if its just Apple's influence or… At any rate, we have created a Basic version which is solely javascript powered. The plain vanilla flavor, however, doesn't enjoy all the same goodness the enhanced version does. Likewise, if you find you're having trouble viewing the Enhanced version, you may still reload the same report using the Basic version and vice versa.

3 ) No PageRank Option Double Checker A good number of you complained about not getting PageRank even though the option has been set to "on". We have now packaged in a lower level double check to make sure you wanted to run a report with PageRank set to off. Right before a report starts, it will ask you to confirm if you really wanted to NOT check for PR.

2 ) Extension Manager The extension manager is quite a hefty addition and improvement to our FireFox extension. So much so that we dedicated a separate blog post for it. Link here!

1 ) Save the Trees, Share Reports! Every report you run is automatically saved to the cloud. Consider that running a report is the equivalent of running multiple queries on the search engines, and each search to the SE has the same environmental impact as boiling a kettle of water, sharing reports could very well put an end to global warming… of course not. But we think its a nifty little feature which makes it easier for you, our users, to share results with others. The best part is they don't even have to download our tool or use FireFox in order to view the report you shared! But remember, unless you share it, they won't find it! We are not going to put up a listing of all the reports you ran, only you can share it. Registered users have more powerful ways to share reports which they'll find in the Reports Page. To show you just how awesome it is, here's the backlink report on the 10 most popular Twitter Profiles:

1 ) aplusksaved report
2 ) britneyspearssaved report
3 ) TheEllenShowsaved report
4 ) ladygagasaved report
5 ) BarackObamasaved report
6 ) KimKardashiansaved report
7 ) Oprahsaved report
8 ) johncmayersaved report
9 ) taylorswift13saved report
10) twittersaved report

* How were we able to minimize N/F results in these samples? We piggy-backed on the private iAcquire Technology Solutions. Sometimes, public traffic is allowed in especially when testing platforms and servers but it remains private for about 363 of the 365 calendar days. How will you know when its allowing public traffic? You won't. You'll just notice your PR results will not have as much N/F in them… and you'll just have to check everyday if N/F results are at a minimum.